Tulle Kimono with strap dress


Kimono sewn from black, soft tulle and a satin belt is sewn into its seams. The set includes strap dress made of elastic fabric and elastic lace embedded in the bottom. One size. Our kimono dress is the best way to enhance your individuality. Made by June9concept.



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  • Roomy pockets and slits sewn into the side seams.
  • Kimono belt is made of satin fabric and it is easy to tie.
  • Rubber is embedded in the ends of the kimono sleeves.
  • The strap dress fits the body and can be used for other sets.
  • The kimono is airy and voluminous.
  • Kimono production time is 5 hours.
  • Washing – 30 degree machine wash with black liquid.

All June9concept products are slow design, in limited quantities. Made by hands  in a family business. Based in Latvia.



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