Sleeveless asymmetric blouse


Handmade sleeveless blouse with an asymmetric detail on the front. Blouse sewn from white shirting. Asymmetrical part sewn on one side of the blouse. Asymmetry eliminates body imperfections and makes the image more interesting. Sizes M, L. The blouse is pulled with pants or leather leggings. Made by June9concept





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  • The fabric is pleasant and does not wrinkle.
  • The blouse has a round neck.
  • The closure has 8 buttons
  • Blouse length for size M is 700mm (70 cm), but chest size is 1000mm (1m) and length for size L is 700mm (70 cm), but chest size is  1005mm (1.05m.)
  • Blouse production time is 3 hours.
  • Washing 30 degree, machine wash with liquid.

All June9concept products are slow design, in limited quantities. Made by hands  in a family business. Based in Latvia.


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M920 mm900 mm720 mm370 mm
L980 mm1000 mm730 mm390 mm
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