Pink Crossbody Bag “MIA”


Handmade bag made of soft, black cow leather. The upper part of the bag has metal frame sewn into the leather, which form a slightly different closing of the bag. Like a “doctor bag”. An additional magnet holds the metal frame in place and holds the bag tightly. The lining has a lining pocket with a plastic zipper.

Made by June9concept

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  • Material: cow skin, metal magnet, metal frame, metal screws, cotton.
  • Dimensions: Height- 160mm; Width- 220mm; Depth- 120mm.
  • Cotton lining and lining pocket with a plastic zipper.
  • The bag closes with a metal magnet.
  • The 1150mm leather strap of the bag is adjustable with metal buckle.
  • Bag production time is 5 hours.

Please note, that the product is handmade and may differ slightly from the illustration. All June9concept products are slow design, in limited quantities. Made by hands  in a family business, based in Latvia.


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