Black porcelain flowers Large


Black porcelain earrings with gold accents. Unique porcelain jewel, every piece sculptured by hands and made from hight quality Black Ice porcelain. After fired at least twice in professional ceramic kiln up to 1200 degrees. Made by RAceramics. Made in Latvia.

Please note that the product is handmade and may differ slightly from the illustration.



  • Hand made porcelain earrings.
  • Material: porcelain, pigment, glaze, ceramic gold cover.
  • Earring wire matterial : brass +5% of 14 k yellow gold (filled).
  • Wearable at the ear, with a “nail” clasp.
  • The earrings are light, the weight of one earring is about 5g.
  • Earring diameter is 2.5 cm.


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